Sunday, November 10, 2013


Sometimes I like to commune with nature.

I also really like leaves.

Monday, November 4, 2013


Coopy and I spent this past weekend in Milwaukee with Mommy and Daddy celebrating our cousin Ilana's wedding to our new cousin Jared.  We were pretty excited to go, it's been a while since we've been to a wedding, and we love flying and new adventures you see.  When we got to the airport and our gate Friday morning, we were so excited to meet the pilot of our plane!

Coopy was the most excited.  I bet he's going to be a pilot when he grows up.  Once we got to Milwaukee, we ate some lunch and said hi to our relatives, then we took a nap and headed out to the rehearsal dinner.  It was a pretty long day and we were pretty tired from helping the pilot fly our plane (he gave us wings you see), so we decided to go to bed early so we'd be well rested for the wedding on Saturday.  Since the wedding was in the evening, we spent Saturday morning at the Milwaukee Children's Museum.  It was pretty awesome!  There was this grocery store area that was just our size...we loved it.

Then there was a broadcast station where we told everyone about the Husker game.

It was really cool.  Then there was a place to play a baseball game and a place to golf and there was even a climbing wall!

I even got all the way across the climbing wall all by myself!  It was a pretty cool museum and a pretty awesome morning.  After a pretty grossly inadequate nap, it was time to get dressed up for pictures for the wedding.  I was so excited to get outfit was AMAZING!

Coopy and I looked so good, we were happy to pose for pictures with everyone who asked.

Once the ceremony was over, it was finally time to dance!

We had the very best time ever!  We were the biggest party animals of the night, and Coopy was a dancing machine!  We had a great weekend with our family in Milwaukee.  Congratulations Ilana and Jared!  Thanks for letting us be a part of your weekend, we love you!