Monday, October 31, 2011


Want to know what's way more fun as a toddler than as a baby? Halloween! We'll admit, thanks to Liz we've had a pretty good lead up, but the actual day? AMAZING! We started the day as skeletons,

and because we were so skinny that you could see our bones, Mommy gave us some cookie for breakfast.

We made sure to be super extra good, and even took 3+ hour naps. Amazing what a little "nourishment" will do for a couple of skeletons! Then Liz made us cupcakes, so we got those, with fruit and hotdogs for snack.

It was truly a spectacular combination. And then after another cookie for dinner,

it was time to put on our costumes.

Max even came over to take pictures with us! He was a monster, Ella was a duck, and I was a shark.

Clearly I was the most terrifying. Then Mommy and Daddy took us trick-or-treating. That was just ok. I think it'll be more fun next year when we can actually eat the candy we got.

By bedtime, not only were we exhausted, but we weren't so skeletal anymore! :-)


Sunday, October 30, 2011


Me and Ella, we have the greatest nanny in the whole entire world. Since we're just toddlers, we don't quite have all the words to explain it, but we'll do our best because she really is super awesome. We love spending time with her during the week, but we really like it when she stays with us when Mommy and Daddy are out of town, like she did this weekend. We had SO much fun! I don't even know where to start! First, on Friday, because we were extra crabby, Liz bribed us to be good with pudding for snack. I know, amazing right!? We really liked the pudding...

well, Ella liked it a little more than I did.

Whoever said boys are messier than girls clearly has never met my sister! Then, because we obviously needed more sugar, we got to help Liz make Halloween cookies!

It was so much fun! Mommy never lets us help her bake or cook...unless we're making something for Daddy or something lame like that. She even made us super special "C" and "E" cookies.

They were delicious! Then, Saturday, we got to carve our first pumpkin. We helped clean it and everything. I tried to stay far away from all the gross muck inside,

but Ella got right up into it.

Baby sisters are so gross! We thought Daddy would be especially proud of the design we chose. :-)

Then we got to go for a walk, and I decided I wanted to walk myself.

Then after our walk, Liz thought it would be fun if we played with the leaves in the yard. It was ok...until Ella crawled away.

I think she was just jealous that I got to walk by myself. Liz also got us these awesome Halloween shirts because she says Halloween is her favorite holiday.

We can't wait to see what she has in store for us tomorrow! Thanks for a great weekend Liz!

Friday, October 28, 2011

After work

Sometimes, after work, when she needs a little "pick-me-up", Gramma Polly comes over to play with us.

We really like it when she does.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


The other day, Liz told Mommy that she thought I was getting another tooth or two. Today I decided to check and see if Coopy was too...

...he's not. I'll keep you posted on mine though. I'm a very good phone caller.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Minnesota vs. Nebraska

This weekend was a big one. One one hand, it was the UMN v. NU football game...which was clearly a big deal to us. I mean, we're Minnesota born, but Daddy keeps saying we "Bleed for the Blackshirts", so we were kind of conflicted about who to root for.

Well, ok, not really all that confused. :-) And on the other hand, it was a big weekend because we got to spend the WHOLE thing with Gramma Betti and Pops! We can't remember the last time they were in town for a whole weekend! Probably not since we were bitty babies. They've come to visit for the night a few times, but when it's a whole weekend it's really fun. When they first got to town, I made sure to do some good reading and playing with Gramma,

and then I made sure to sit on Pops.

He really likes it when I do that. Want to know something really awesome about when Gramma and Pops come to visit? They usually bring us treats! Like this time, they brought us these awesome Halloween marshmallow suckers.

They made an excellent breakfast. Then, while Mom, Dad, Gramma, Pops and Mr. Ben and Mrs. Emily were at the game, we did some painting with Liz.

We liked it a bit better this time. And then today, before Gramma and Pops went home, we got to go to Oak Ridge for brunch. It was so super delicious! We got chocolate chip pancakes, and eggies, and friut and challah french toast and regular toast...

we could've eaten for days! It was a pretty good weekend, and we can't wait for next year in Lincoln! GO BIG RED!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Sometimes, when we're waiting for Daddy to get home from a night away from us, we need some distractions. Fortunately for Daddy, Coopy's second favorite thing is his sippy so that keeps him busy.

Me, Ella? I just like to show off how good I am at putting things on my head.

Daddy's hats are perfect for that.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Painting Fail

Since it's finally getting colder outside, Mommy is busy trying to find new things to keep me and Coopy busy...other than fighting with each other and having epic toddler meltdowns...we're pretty good at those already. Today, Mommy thought we should try finger painting. It didn't work out so well. First, she made us look ridiculous in two sets of bibs.

Then she stuck our hands in the cold paint and made us rub them all over the paper on the table.

I thought tasting the paint would be more fun...

it wasn't. But here are our first works of art...

we won't quit our day jobs just yet!