Saturday, January 25, 2014


It's cold again.  Really, really cold.  We're pretty sick of it...Mommy and Daddy are too.  But earlier this week, Daddy found his old Wii and thought it would be a good distraction for us.  

We need some practice.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

60 (Alternate Title: "What Does the Fox Say?")

We spent the last week down in Scottsdale surprising and celebrating Pops' 60th birthday with him and Grammy (the gramma formerly known as Gramma Betti) and Uncle Evan, Aunt Amy, and Lauren.  It was so so so much fun!  But before I tell you more, I have to apologize for the both of us and say that yes, we know Lauren's name, and say it often.  Unfortunately we're 3.5 and stubborn.  We love you Lauren!  Ok, so back to the was awesome!  Uncle Evan, Aunt Amy and Lauren got down to Scottsdale to surprise Pops first and get the party started, but we weren't too far behind.  When it was our turn, Ella mugged for the camera before we even left Minneapolis,

and before we knew it, we were at Grammy's house, surprising Pops and playing at the park!  Ella did some sliding, while I  golfed with Grammy.

Then, after a Shabbat dinner with the family and Lori, Pops got one more surprise when Gramma Kris and Grandpa Jim showed up.  Popsie was so surprised!  After hanging out at home and at the park again on Saturday, we got ready for Popsie's last surprise: a big dinner with lots of his friends at the club in the Bookclub (wine room).  Didn't we look good?

It was a pretty fun dinner and the food was delicious, but it did get a little loud and we definitely can't hang with all  Popsie's's a good thing there was lots of dessert!

I think Pops loved his cake as much as I did!  After pretending to sleep in on Sunday (Pops' actual birthday), we spent the morning at the Barrett Jackson car show and auction.  I think the big kids (Pops, Daddy, Uncle Evan and Grandpa Jim) had the most fun, especially when they got to test drive super fast cars, even though they had to take breathalyzers first.

After a long-ish nap, it was time for me to hit the links.  It was amazing!  And even better was that I got to spend some quiet time with Pops doing one of his favorite things.

Then it was time for dinner and another cake!  Turning 60 (and celebrating it) is awesome!

Monday, Mommy, Aunt Amy and Grammy spent the day doing girl stuff, which left me and the boys to our own devices. some of those devices were entertaining Lauren and Ella, but it was still pretty awesome.  Then Mommy, Daddy, Uncle Evan and Aunt Amy went out to dinner and left Pops, Grammy and Lucy in charge.  We had so much fun!  We had dinner and leftover birthday cake.  And Popsie read/sang books to we know what the fox says!  Tuesday while Aunt Amy was at breakfast with Lauren and a friend, and Uncle Evan and Pops were golfing, we took a trip with Grammy to the PGA Superstore.  It was so cool...a whole store full of golf stuff!  We each got new hats (just call me Rickie Fowler) and a new club.

I couldn't wait to get out to the range to test it out!  Ella was more interested in adding to the wildlife at Estancia.  Apparently she thought they could use more frogs.

We were pretty sad yesterday when it was time to leave, but we put on our happy faces and posed for some pictures with Lauren.  We really had a good time playing with her for the week.

Happy happy happy 60th birthday Pops!  We love you more than words and we had a great time celebrating the day (week) with you.  Grammy, thanks for all the work you put into the week...we can't wait until April to celebrate 60 with you!!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Time flew

It's not like we purposely haven't been blogging lately, it's just that there's been so much going on, we've had a hard time keeping up and finding time to talk about it.  And we know we probably should've done our "looking back on the year" post yesterday, but we were too busy playing with Max and Mimi, so today will have to do.  December was a long, cold, snowy month.  And both Gramma Polly and Daddy had surgery.  It was pretty tough playing nurse for two people, but we did ok.  We helped Daddy with his exercises,

and let Gramma read to us.

Once we were sure our patients were on the mend, we decided it was time to take advantage of all the snow on the ground...and we were lucky enough to get a day warm enough to actually spend more than 10 seconds outside!  We did lots of playing, and went was awesome!

Last night's New Year's Eve celebration was pretty fun.  Max and Mimi and Liz came over, and we got to eat really yummy food, and play with silly string.  We even got to wear silly 2014 glasses!

Happy 2014 everybody!  We'll try to be better about blogging this year...but to be honest, we're so excited about what's to come we're not sure how much better we'll be.  :-)