Saturday, December 29, 2012

Phoenix Children's Museum

On our last full day with Gramma and Pops, we got to take a huge adventure to the Phoenix Children's Museum.  Despite being almost too crowded to handle, we made the very best of it and had an amazing time!  When we first got into the museum, we got double hand stamps, and then went to play in the steel climbing structure.

We also played with this really cool air and tube thing that shot ping pong balls all over the room.  That was fun, although it would've been better had we figured out a way to aim them at Daddy and Pops :-).

Once we'd had our fill, we went up to the second floor for some car and arts and crafts skills.  There was also another, smaller air machine, but this time it was shooting soft balls out of it.  We didn't want to leave!

Then we went all the way up to the third floor to show off our cooking skills.  We love playing in kitchens, and this one was awesome!

After the kitchen, we decided to make some gong-like music before practicing good sharing skills and handing our mallets to another little boy.

Then, while Coopy was racing cars, I decided to stare at myself in the mirror while drumming on empty garbage bins.  And once I'd made enough racket to burst Mommy's ear drums, I decided to drive a pretend pickle and pencil car.

Coopy drove a pretend frosting/toothpaste tube car.

We were both pretty disappointed that the cars didn't actually go.  Before we left, we took some time to play in the foam noodle forest.  It was pretty fun...especially when we got to smack Pops and Daddy with the noodles!

It was the most fun outing ever!  Next time we go, we hope it won't be quite as busy.  Thanks for a super fun day Gramma and Pops!

Christmas Day golf

Want to know what my very most favorite part of my whole vacation was?  Golfing on the course on Christmas Day.  It started with a nice wagon ride pulled by Gramma.  Everyone came...Mommy, Daddy, Ella, Gramma, Pops and Lucy.  Once we got to the course, there was no stopping me!  I tap tap tapped the ball in the hole, and I made some great shots!

Then Mommy and Gramma tried to get all artsy and pose me in front of the Peak...I made the best of it.

It was so much fun.  I can't wait to play again!

Gramma Betti and Pops and Lucy and Scottsdale and Santa and just about everything else awesome you can cram into a week of vacation

We're going to apologize up front for the length of this blog post.  If you don't really care what we did on our vacation, and you just want to see the awesome pictures that highlight our everlasting cuteness, then we forgive you for scrolling and skimming.  BUT, if you want to know just how much fun we had spending time in Scottsdale, then read on because we had an epically awesome vacation!

First of all, you should know that me Eloise, I now answer to "Miss No", and Cooper answers to "Big Coopy".  You can thank Pops for our awesome nicknames.  Ok, so we spent the last week in Scottsdale visiting Gramma Betti, Pops, and Lucy.  We decided to take Mommy and Daddy on our vacation too, mostly because Daddy wanted to golf and Mommy was already complaining about the snow and cold ('s winter Mom!), but they don't factor much into the fun we had.  We didn't exactly take naps on the flight down last Friday, so our fun times didn't exactly start until Saturday morning.  It also didn't help that Coopy had croup and then passed his yucky cold onto me, Gramma and Daddy.  Anyway, Saturday we spent exploring Gramma and Pops' house.  See, they have this awesome hallway that's great for golf.

It's also pretty great for running.  

I spent a lot of time "busy running" on this vacation.  After we'd exhausted ourselves golfing and running, we decided it would be fun to take Lucy to the dog park.  

It was pretty fun to hang with Gramma and her friends, and Lucy and her friends.  There were even two Caddie-like puppies there!  We loved them.  Anyway, Sunday we decided to take Gramma and Pops and Mommy and Daddy out to breakfast and to the Train Park.  Both were super awesome.  Breakfast was mega delicious.

Then it was time for the Train Park!  It was so much fun!  We posed (sort of) for pictures inside a caboose, and modeled our new conductor hats.

Then it was time for sliding.  Sliding is awesome.  

After that we spent some time exploring the Train Museum and walking around before heading home.  We made sure to hold Gramma and Pops' hands so they wouldn't get too lost.

When we weren't out having adventures, we spent time at the house doing awesome fun things like playing bubbles, having tea parties, and locking Daddy and Coopy in Lucy's kennel.  

Then, on Christmas Eve, Santa Pops came to visit!  We LOVE Santa Pops...although we love him more if we can sit with Mommy and Daddy too.

 We also went to a super awesome park where Coopy got to practice his soccer and hoops skills.

Before we knew it, it was time to take a few final pictures with Gramma and Pops and head home.  We were pretty bummed, but we know we'll get to see them again soon.  Thanks for a fantastic trip Gramma Betti and Pops!  We love you very much.

We know we missed at least a few days and two vital and exciting adventures, but we thought we'd spare you the super mega extra long blog (not that this one isn't), and break our vacation into three parts.  You're welcome :-)