Thursday, December 29, 2011

Last night of Hanukkah

We know...we're a little behind, but it's not our fault! Mommy's been in a crabby mood for the last few days (although she and Daddy would probably tell the story another way, and say we've been the crabby ones...whatever), so she's been withholding computer privileges. Anyway, Tuesday was the last night of Hanukkah and get finally got to celebrate with Gramma Polly. We got awesome presents, like this trampoline that I quickly claimed as mine.

Fortunately for me, Coopy was otherwise occupied.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Fort-less Christmas in Scottsdale

Me and Coopy, we got to spend the long Christmas weekend in Scottsdale with Mommy and Daddy and Gramma Betti and Pops and Uncle Evan and Aunt Amy and we had so much fun! We weren't there for all that long, but I think we did a pretty good job of packing a lot into a little bit of time. We were really good on the airplane...both times! Hardly anyone even noticed we were there! Once we got to Gramma and Pops', we made sure to do lots of playing and showing off since it had been almost a whole year since we were last there. We got to go to the bark park and play with all the puppies. It was way more fun than last year because we got to walk and crawl around.

Coopy got a little cranky toward the end though, so Pops was sure to pick him up for some snuggles.

Then, while Coopy played with Aunt Amy, me Ella, I got to climb all over the chairs! It was so much fun!

I never get to play on the furniture at home! We also got some good snuggles from Gramma, but Coopy thought making "cheese" faces at the camera was more fun.

Then, on Christmas Eve, Pops became Santa! We know we're Jewish, and that we don't get presents from Santa, but it was still pretty exciting that he's our pops.

To be fair, I was more impressed than Coop.

We learned a new favorite game while we were gone's called blocks! Daddy would build a huge tower, and we'd knock it over! It was awesome!

We kept Daddy so busy playing blocks, we didn't have any time to build our Christmas Day fort. We did have time to eat lots of yummy meals and snacks, though.

Want to know the only "un-fun" thing about our whole weekend??

Getting stuck in my high chair.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Happy Hanukkah!

Tonight was the first night of Hanukkah. And if the rest of the nights are anything like tonight, Mommy and Daddy are going to need to buy a bigger house just to fit all of our loot! (Don't worry, not only have they assured us that is "most certainly NOT the case", they've also told us that Hanukkah is not about presents, but about the miracle of the oil lasting 8 days instead of 1 in the temple...or something like that. We're toddlers and we were distracted by all the toys). Anyway, first we had to light the candles and say the prayer,

and then we got to open our presents! We had some big piles to get through.

Fortunately Mommy and Daddy helped. Then, while Mommy cooked, we got to play! We loved everything, but the truck and the plastic dreidel (minus the gelt...lame) were mega big hits.

Happy Hanukkah!


Today, me and Coopy, we got to go to gym class! It was so much fun! There were mats to climb on and over, and trampolines to jump on, and rings and swings to swing's a good thing Mommy signed us up for more classes. There's just so much to do I don't know how we'll ever fit it all in! When we first got there, we were a little apprehensive,

but then we got to sing songs and dance and be pulled around on indoor sleds and we warmed up pretty quickly.

Coopy really liked swinging on the rings and riding the train,

and me, Eloise? I really liked bouncing on the trampoline.

We even decided we'd be nice and sit together for a picture...

but Mommy was keeping us from all the fun, so we made sure not to smile.

Sunday, December 18, 2011


Remember when Daddy made chili last year and tried to cook me?

I think if he wants to try it this year, he's going to need a bigger pot!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Guess what? Today, me and Ella, we had to go to the doctor to get checked-up, and we found out that we're HUGE! Me and Ella, we're both 25 lbs and 33 inches long! We only had to get one shot, and the best part was that we found out we don't have to go back until we're 2! No more visits for stupid shots every 3 months. Mommy and Daddy said we were so good, even the doctor was impressed. I barely even cried when I got my shot. Ok...I may have had a little incentive...

Sunday, December 11, 2011

French toast and 18 months

It's delicious you see. Especially when it's homemade by our mommy. It's even better on our 18 month birthday

Saturday, December 10, 2011

BEST SATURDAY EVER! (yet anyway)

Oh my gosh!!! Today was the very best Saturday ever!!! Or at least, the very best that we can remember (because let's face it, we're toddlers, and we have limited short-term memories). First of all, Daddy was home...all day! I know we saw him for just a short little bit on Thursday, but then he was gone again, so we were super excited to see him this morning when we woke up. Ella even did flips over him!

And today we finally got to wear our new shirts from Costa Rica. We really like them. if that all wasn't good enough...our friend Jude turned 1 yesterday, and today was his birthday party! We LOVE birthday parties because there's usually cake, and today was no exception. Jude's cake was yummy yummy delicious! And we had a really fun time playing with him and his friends.

Then, because we were so good at the party, and when Mommy and Daddy took us out to dinner, we got Oreos when we got home.

Shockingly, we really loved them...a lot. We hope everyone had as great a Saturday as we did! Happy 1st birthday Jude!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Costa Rica

Late last night, Mommy and Daddy got back from spending 5 whole days away from us in Costa Rica. Want to know something? We didn't even notice they were gone! We had so much fun with Liz that we even almost forgot who Mommy and Daddy were! (Ok, not really) First, on Saturday, it snowed, and we got to go play in it! We were a little apprehensive, it was the very first time we'd been out in snow you see.

The jury is still out on our final thoughts regarding the whole snow thing...but we had a great time playing hoops together!

Then Liz gave us a bath and don't tell, but we like bathtime with her more than with Mommy. Liz lets us play and play and stupid Mommy says we have to get clean. Lame.

We also go to play in our room after bathtime.

Look how close I am to climbing up on the ottoman all by myself!

Sunday, we tried to drink all of Daddy's Diet Coke while he was gone.

We were unsuccessful. One of these days of these days. Monday, Ella wanted to do some reading, while I helped Liz make cookies.

We may have had slight attitude problems that affected the outcome of the cookies. We can't be perfect toddlers all the time. We did get to do some super fun ball pit playing with Liz.

We really like it when she plays with us. We also got lots of treats this cupcakes from Gramma Polly when she came over to play...

and pudding! Mommy and Daddy never give us pudding!

We really love spending time with Liz, but we were pretty glad this morning when Mommy and Daddy got us out of our cribs...and we can't wait to show you the shirts they brought us (Mommy says she bought them in the airport and needs to sanitize them before she'll let us wear them...dumb)!!