Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

What a day!  Did you know that as you get older Halloween gets to be more and more fun?  Well, it does.  Today was AWESOME!  First thing this morning, we practiced our ghost faces.

Don't we look scary?  Next, we carved our pumpkins, and took a few selfies with Liz.

After that, we decided to do some teeter tottering in our costumes.  It's important to be able to move in them you see.

Once we'd napped, Gramma Polly came over, and we decided to show off in our costumes for her.

We even posed for pictures with Gramma and Mommy!  Aren't we the most cooperative kids ever?!

After a quick (or as quick as a picture with 3 three year olds and 1 one year old can be) picture with Max and Mimi, we were ready for trick-or-treating!

We had a pretty awesome night!  Happy Halloween everyone!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Halloween Brunch

Today was the Halloween Brunch at Oak Ridge.  It was awesome!  Well, I thought so anyway...Coopy was less than excited about it.  I was so excited to wear my costume and show off for Gramma Polly, Ashley, Vicki and all the other people at brunch.  I was even cooperative enough to let Gramma take my picture...

but clearly not cooperative enough to get a picture take with her.  Sorry Gramma!  Coopy wasn't really into wearing his costume, so Mommy and Daddy let him dress up as a golfer (I know, I know...not really a stretch). At least he got to match Daddy though!


Our house was full of people this weekend coming and going and was awesome!  When we got up from naps on Friday, Mommy's cousin Vicki was here!  We were super excited to see her, especially when she came outside with us to blow bubbles.

Then, Gramma Betti, Pops and Daddy came home!  We'd barely seen Daddy all week, but we were almost even more excited to see Gramma and Pops.  Ella and I were sure to give Gramma lots of hugs and kisses, 

but mostly I was just excited to play football with Pops.

Then Mommy's other cousin Ashley came too!  It was a pretty full house.  Gramma and Pops left after the (dismal) football game Saturday.  But Ashley and Vicki stayed until today.  It was pretty great...especially when they read with us.

We miss everyone already.  Thanks for coming to visit!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Pumpkin patch

We're all pretty busy between now and Halloween.  Daddy's in and out of town, Mommy's cousins are coming to visit, Gramma and Pops are coming into town, there's a big football's amazing we even have time for sleep and school!  We decided to take advantage of a free afternoon today to pick out our pumpkins for the holiday.  It's pretty chilly outside, so before we left we had some sugar to fortify ourselves for the weather.

Sometimes, (ok, everytime), when Daddy travels Mommy spoils us.  Anyway, when we got to the pumpkin patch, Ella was pretty excited to pull her own wagon.

I was just there to help Daddy.  He's not the best pumpkin picker-outer...he needed my guidance.

When we got home, Mommy let Ella carry the small pumpkins to the front porch.

Happy week (and a little more) before Halloween!!

"Colder Weather"

"She said I wanna see you again, but I'm stuck in colder weather..."  

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


It's already halfway through October?!  Who knew!  We've been so busy keeping track of Mommy and Daddy and their various travels, (and obviously the presents they've been bringing back for us), that we've completely neglected all our other responsibilities.  And before anyone asks, yes...that does mean we've spent an inordinate amount of time in time out.  It's not our fault though!  We're 3.  And all the parenting literature Mommy's read (basically nothing but don't hold that against her), and all the things she's heard (lots), says that 3 year olds are usually more obstinate than 2 year olds.  We're just doing our jobs.  Other than testing every single boundary, rule, limit, strand of patience and temper Mommy and Daddy possess, here's a list of what we've been up to:
1. Hiding from lotion

2. Eating local delicacies (Thanks Tony!)

3. Scratching our backs (plant a potato...get a potato)

4. Swinging together at the park (a useful skill clearly since it's apparently almost winter)

We also got fresh haircuts (finally!), dressed up as pirates, and had a new babysitter.

And before you ask, no, Mommy did not pay Caddie.  She said something about not paying a babysitter who couldn't tell her what she charged and slept the whole time.  Whatever. It's been a pretty awesome fall so far...hopefully it'll get even better!