Sunday, June 22, 2014

Birthday party

Did you know that 4th birthdays never end?  It's AWESOME!  Yesterday we finally got to have our friends over for our birthday party, and we had so much fun!  First, Coopy and I broke in the bounce house and slide with Daddy.

Then Max and Mimi came over for some pre-party fun.

Once all of our friends got to our house, it was time for Penny, the ice cream lady, to come over in her truck.

I think everyone liked it.  Then, after a ton more playing and finally some dinner, it was time for cake!

Cake is still the best part of birthdays.  Thanks everyone for coming to our party!  We had a great time and we hope you all did too!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Well, it finally happened.  We finally turned four! We had an awesome day too.  It started with cupcakes for breakfast,

and was followed up with crowns and popsicles and Mommy and Daddy visits at school.

Then, after some pretty epic naps, (yes, we still nap...four's not too old for naps...neither is 31, just ask Mommy), it was time for our grammas and Pops to come over for dinner and cake!  We say it all the time, cake is by far the best part of birthdays, and ours was no exception.

We even helped everyone sing the silly "Happy Birthday" song to us before we worked together to blow out our candle.

Before everyone left, we opened some pretty great presents.  We bet four will be our best year yet.  Thanks everyone!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Maggie's birthday cake

Our cousin Maggie turns 6 today, and since we can't be in Norfolk to celebrate, we decided we'd make her a cake.  It was a pretty good idea too, since it was kind of crummy outside this morning.  We decided to make a tie dye cake, and it was pretty cool watching the batter go from white to colored.

And then of course we had to taste test.

Before we knew it, the cake was done and it was time to frost!  Good thing we really like frosting.

Happy birthday Maggie!  We love you!!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

A week in April in Scottsdale

Usually when Coopy and I go to Scottsdale to visit Grammy and Pops, it's not for any special occasion.  I know we went for Pops' birthday back in January, but we thought that was the only special occasion we'd be celebrating in Scottsdale this year.  Turns out, we were wrong.  Me and Coopy and Mommy and Daddy just got back from spending the past week in Scottsdale celebrating Passover and Grammy's birthday.  (I'd blab about how old Grammy is now, but Mommy keeps telling me that "a lady never tells her age"...whatever, I'll tell anyone who asks that I'm 3 but apparently Mom thinks that'll change when I get older.)  It was an awesome trip!  We left early Saturday morning, and were super great flyers.

We both got to sit next to Mommy, while Daddy sat in an aisle seat a row behind us.  Lucky Mommy right?  Once we got to Grammy and Pops' house it was time to do some playing, after a nap of course.

When Uncle Evan and Aunt Amy showed up with Lauren we were ready for a fun week to begin!  We spent some time swimming with Daddy,

and I was a super awesome big cousin and spent a lot of time helping Lauren walk.

Before we knew it, it was time for the Seder.  We spent a lot of time in school learning about Passover, and did our best to help Pops lead the Seder,

but to be honest, it got a little long and we were pretty ready to eat.  The best part was finding the Afikomen.  It was a team effort to find it, but we were successful...especially since we were wearing our looking glasses.

All in all, it was a pretty great Seder.  We even posed for some fancy Passover pictures.

Before we even had time to get sick of Matzoh it was Grammy's birthday, and everyone knows you don't have to eat Matzoh on your (or your grammy's) birthday.  First, we went out to lunch and helped Grammy eat her special birthday cupcake.

And second, Gramma Lea, Papa, Uncle Arnie, Aunt Julie, Maggie and Gracie got into town and then we got to celebrate in style!  We had lots of yummy food, and even yummier cake, and spent lots of time hanging out with our family.  We went to the park and did some sliding,

and we played in the sand.

And before we went out to dinner for our last night at Grammy and Pops', we even let Aunt Julie take fancy pictures of all us kids with our grandparents and our great-grandparents.

Friday, it was finally time for us to go home.  We had a great trip, and an awesome visit with everyone, and it was really fun celebrating Grammy's birthday with her.  Before we left though, I made sure to get some extra pictures with Lauren and Gracie.

Being the three youngest cousins, we have to stick together :-).  Happy birthday Grammy!  We know we'll never forget your...milestone day!  We love you!