Monday, February 25, 2013

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Finally some winter fun

This winter has been kind of a drag.  Me and Ella, we've been sharing this lame cough and cold like thing for most of the season.  We've tried to tell Mommy that at least we're sharing...she said she's less than impressed.  Anyway, today we finally convinced her to look past our snotty noses and our coughs and let us play outside.  Boy oh boy are we glad she did!  After a pretty fantastic swim lesson, and a not too bad nap, Daddy surprised us with two new bright red sleds.  Pretty much I'm a sledding expert, but I still went down the hill with Dad, just so he wouldn't be scared.

Even Mommy got into the fun!

But the most fun?  When me and Ella raced!

Don't worry...I won.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Left at home

Daddy's been traveling a lot for work lately, so we were pretty bummed when he and Mommy decided to leave us for an extra long weekend to go to Cabo.  I mean, I can understand that Daddy wanted to golf without me running behind him yelling "golf green golf green whack it whack it putt putt putt!" over and over again, but still.  Since we weren't as excited to be left with Liz as we usually are, she decided to cheer us up with a couple of little presents.  The first day Mommy and Daddy were gone, we got Mickey and Minnie stickers and ears.

Ella was more into the ears than I was.  We also got these really cool window sticky things.

Mommy and Daddy also made sure to leave a couple things for us too, like two sets of new jammies.  The first were Mickey baseball jammies, and Ella got lame Minnie ones.

The second set came with books!  Again, mine was about baseball, and I got this awesome book called "Casey at the Bat"

Did you know that when I grow up I'm going to be a baseball player?  Ella's book was called "Rainbow Fish", so her jammies had fishes on them.

We didn't really miss Mommy and Daddy as much as we thought we were going to, so we probably didn't need all those presents...but don't tell Mommy, Daddy and Liz...we'll take all the little pick me up gifts we can! :-)