Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Great Papa

Tomorrow is our Great Papa's birthday. We know we haven't had a birthday yet, but we've been told that the birthday person is the one that gets presents. So imagine our surprise when we got 2 big boxes in the mail today, and they were presents for us, from the birthday boy himself (and Great Gramma Lea too). Want to know what we got? Monkey and lion chairs! And we love them!

Thanks Papa and Gramma Lea! We love you both. Happy 80th birthday tomorrow Papa! We're so lucky to have you in our lives! Also, banana pieces make really big squishy messes :-)

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Busy week and whatnot

Ok guys...I know me and Coopy haven't posted in a while, but we've just been so busy doing super cool baby stuff that we just haven't had the time. Want to know what we've been up to? Ok: Well, we've been doing some playing together.

And when Coopy is too busy eating his books, I've been making some important phone calls. Daddy's not the only one with business to take care of!

We've also gotten to taste some new things, like french fries.

Coopy found them to be delicious. I thought they were more fun to squish around in my hands...they make a delightful mess. Coopy tried to taste Daddy's Diet Coke too...I don't think he got anything though.

Today was pretty much the best day ever though, and you want to know why? Because we got to go swinging again! Mommy and Daddy and Caddie and me and Coopy, we all went on a walk to the park.

And want to know what? Because there's only one baby swing, me and Coopy took turns swinging on Mommy's lap...she's a pretty good swinger you see.

I don't think Caddie liked the swings as much as we did though.

Sunday, April 17, 2011


My daddy went out of town this weekend, and I wasn't too sure what to make of it. Sure, I like my mommy and all, and Ella is ok for a little sister, but what's a boy to do without his daddy? Well, Friday I was super sad that he wasn't home.

Then Saturday I kinda forgot where he went, and started looking throughout the house for him.

He wasn't in my playmat. Today me and Ella did some playing together and that helped to pass the time.

She thought my toes made a good snack...I disagreed.

Then guess what? My daddy came home!!!

It was great to see him. I hope he had a good weekend, but I don't think he should leave again. Or maybe next time he should just take me along.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

A day in the life of Coopy

You see guys, I have a pretty good life. It's even better when Mommy and Daddy notice it, especially so when Ella is being less than perfect. Today was one of those pretty fantastic days, even though it was crummy outside and we didn't get to go swinging or for a walk or anything. Wanna know what I did do be so perfect and have such a great day? Well, I played in my ball pit.

And I played with my puppy.

And I also had an extra special toes. They're pretty delicious.

Wanna know why Ella has been less than perfect? Well, she had her boyfriend over the other day, and Daddy's not too fond of the idea of Ella having a boyfriend. Or it could be because his daddy is a Notre Dame fan. :-)

She's also been rolling into lots of places she shouldn't be. Like under the tables and underneath my swing...when I'm in it!

I guess she hasn't been all bad though, she did play with the puppy a little bit.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Today was basically the most spring-like day me and Ella have ever experienced. And wanna know what we did? We went for a walk...and on our walk, guess what we did! We went swinging! It was AMAZING! We loved it and we're pretty much the best swinging babies in the whole wide world. See...

Monday, April 11, 2011

A lot can happen in 10 days...

And in our lives that's definitely true. Hi it's me, Ella, and me and Coopy, we've just been so busy practicing our baby tricks and trying to enjoy the nice weather, we haven't had a chance to update our blog. But don't worry, I'll be sure to fill you in now: We spent a lot of time going on walks last week, and that was lots and lots of fun. It's fun to see our neighbors after being inside all winter...there are some that were just meeting us for the first time! It's a good thing we're so cute because everyone loved us. While we were inside, I spent some time dressing up in my tutu. I really like it.

Coopy got to help Daddy with his homework.

Then last weekend, we went to Norfolk because there was a shower for Uncle Evan and Aunt Amy, and we got to tag along. We did lots of fun stuff. Even though we don't have any pictures of it, we finally got to meet our new cousin Gracie. She's super little and she doesn't do much right now so I think we'll keep her. We also got to play lots at Gramma and Pops', they even had a jumper for Coopy!

I got to borrow Cousin Maggie's saucer...I really liked it.

I got to spend lots of time with Aunt Amy over the weekend. I'm glad she and Uncle Evan are getting married because I really like her. I think I'd like her more though if she shared her wine. :-)

Then Saturday night while Mommy and Daddy were at the shower, our cousin Emma babysat us. She was a great babysitter...even though I was SUPER grumpy. Wanna know what happened? There was a really really really bad thunderstorm with hail and everything! The hail was so big it broke a skylight at Gramma and Pops' house!

Emma took really good care of me and Coopy.

Now that we've been home, me and Coopy, we've just been playing around.

Especially Coopy. Wanna know what he's doing? Jumping in his jumper naked! he's got a diaper on, but it's a better story if we tell you he's naked. :-)

Friday, April 1, 2011

Opening Day!

Happy Opening Day! We're pretty excited for baseball because our team is made up of twins, did you know that? Yup they're the Twins, so they're all twins like me and Ella...right?

Wanna know what else we've been doing? Well...Ella's been making weird faces and smiling lots.

And me Coopy? Well I've been sitting like a big boy! Yup...Ella might roll more than me but I'm such a better sitter. I don't need support or cushions or nothing! But sometimes it's nice to have a boppy behind me, you know, just in case I fall.