Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Some days are so busy, I can't even get the paper open before I have a thousand million phone calls to make!

Good thing Coopy's always there to help.

Monday, July 25, 2011


Take it from us: if your mommy and daddy ever suggest putting your awesome ball pit in this thing they're calling a "playpen" it's not as fun as it sounds.

Sunday, July 24, 2011


Sometimes Ella gets jealous of my wicked amazing superhero skills. I just tell her that Daddy has to leave his legacy to somebody!

This is what I get in return...

stupid baby sister.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Inside stuff

It's super hot outside, so Ella and I have been doing lots of inside stuff trying to stay cool. Like today? I "helped" Mommy with the laundry.

And me and Ella? We started a band together. Ella rocked out with the baby paper while I drummed. We're pretty good you see.

And since Gramma Betti and Pops are in France, Anne has been helping Ella learn to count in French. She can count to one, which is "un/e," did you know that?

Friday, July 15, 2011


Mommy and Daddy are in trouble now...

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Yesterday Ella told you guys how we're teenagers now. Well guess what else? We're trendsetters too. See, we turned one last month, and since then it's like everyone we know is turning one too, just to be like us. Like our friend Max, he turned one last week, and we got to go to his party and have cake. And today, Mom said it's our cousin Gabi's birthday and he's one too! So we figured, birthday = party = cake...right? Wrong! Mom said that since Gabi lives in stupid San Diego, (which we learned is not as close as Norfolk, and is therefore stupid), we probably wouldn't be invited to his party. AND, she said that since we weren't going to be invited to his party (which is also stupid because we love parties), we weren't going to have any cake either. Double stupid! Clearly, the lack of cake for Gabi's birthday had nothing to do with our foul moods, and everything to do with Mom trying to deprive us of some of our favorite things. Anyway, I digress. She did say that if our moods improved and we took good naps, that she would make us cookies (frosted sugar cookies to be exact...and maybe Daddy requested them, but Mom can't say no to our cute looks, waves and claps). Well, this is what we woke up from our outstanding naps to:

Frosted sugar cookies are DELICIOUS!


Monday, July 11, 2011


Today me and Coopy, we're teenagers. Because 13 and 13 months are the same thing...right? Anyway, to celebrate (if you can even call it that...apparently after turning 1, Mommy and Daddy say we can't celebrate month birthdays anymore, lame) I made sure to show off my peeking skills.

Coopy showed off his not listening very well skills when he tried to crawl all the way into the dining room.

It was nice and hot and sunny out today, so we got to play in our wading pool. It's pretty much one of the most fun places to play at our house. Anyway, we also got to break open some new tubby toys we got for our birthday. Like these squeezie toys that squirt water, they're pretty fun to chew on.

And this starfish fountain.

I liked it more than Coopy did...

especially when I got to catch the water.

Being a teenager is awesome!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Weekend Update...

...with Cooper Robinson. So maybe Mommy and Daddy don't think I'm as funny as any of the comedians on SNL, but I sure do. I'm hilarious!

Me and Ella, we've had a pretty fantastic weekend. Saturday night we had a new friend come play with us. Her name is Laura, and we think she's amazing! We sent Mommy and Daddy to dinner and ice cream, you see...we need some time away from them for gosh sakes! Even though we were super grumpy (Mommy and Daddy said we were in complete meltdown) she played with us and fed us and snuggled with us. And we slept so well! This is what Mommy and Daddy said I looked like this morning.

Then today, Gramma Polly came over. We've been spending a lot of time playing with her lately, mostly when Mommy and Daddy are running errands, or playing golf, or resting because they're sick. Today Mommy was able to snap a picture of Ella playing "so big" with Gramma. I think I'm cuter...even though Ella's bigger.

Then tonight, Mommy wanted to get a toothy update picture from each of us. We each have 2 teeth now you see. My two teeth are on the bottom right in the middle. Perfect for biting and showing off. I cooperated like a good boy...see?

Ella, not so much. Her two teeth are far apart. One is on the bottom, but the other that's just cracking through is a fang! When Mommy tried to take tooth pictures of Ella, this is what she got.

Friday, July 8, 2011


It's really the most fun game you see...

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Freezie pops

Sometimes after a hot day, we recommend digging into a freezie pop.

They're quite refreshing.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Big Bang Boom!

Thursday, Mommy and Daddy packed us up and took us to Norfolk for the weekend. They said we were going to go for the 4th of July, but we reminded them that we had another commitment on July 3rd, so we'd just have to be home by then. They said that was ok, so off we went. Since we're such big kids, we finally get to sit facing forward in the car. It's pretty awesome, especially when we get snacks while we drive.

Friday we went to go visit Daddy, Uncle Arnie and Pops at the office. I was perfectly polite and wonderful...until Pops tried to take my water bottle!

Coopy only wanted to ride on Daddy's shoulders.

Then Friday after naptime we had snack and then we got to play! First during snack time, we thought we'd let Lucy know how fun it is to have babies around, so we shared our food. I think she liked us.

Then we got to play. We love playing at Gramma Betti and Pops' house because they have a whole room in the basement just for babies. I think they designed it that way. I blew kisses with Gramma, and Coopy tried to get Lucy to play with him.

She was even less interested than Caddie is! Coopy also practiced almost crawling, and I showed Uncle Evan my feet. I think he liked them.

Then Saturday, we got to spend all morning playing with Daddy! When he wasn't looking, we even stole his Blackberry and iPad!

Then Saturday night, Gramma and Pops had a party before the fireworks. Want to know the best part about fireworks? Rice Krispie treats.

Then today we had to come home. We had a previous commitment that we just couldn't miss you see. Max, our neighbor, he turns one tomorrow, but his party was today. We had to attend. Fortunately he knows just what we like at birthday parties...CAKE!