Saturday, November 26, 2011


I bet you thought I'd be blogging all about Thanksgiving, and how much more fun it was than last year because me and Coopy got to eat all the yummy good food this time. Well, you were wrong. Instead, I'm going to spend this blog telling you all about how getting molars SUCKS! I know, Mommy and Daddy don't want me to have a potty mouth, and I know the "s-word" is a bad one, but Mommy said this post was the ONE exception...I don't have the heart to tell her that exceptions are usually broken. :-) Anyway, me and Mommy and Daddy and Coopy, we all went to Norfolk for Thanksgiving, and we were pretty excited. See, we were going to have "Jeff Day" (Daddy's favorite "holiday"), and then Thanksgiving dinner, and then we were going to get to go to a Husker game and get our very own tickets! And then we were supposed to hang out with Cousin Carly and her friend Lauren while Mommy and Daddy went to a wedding. Guess how much of that actually happened? Um...yeah. You see, me Eloise, I'm getting molars...all of them...all at once. AND, I'm getting another plain old regular bottom tooth too! I have NOT had a very good week, see?

This is me on Thanksgiving day, clearly I was not at my best. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Our drive down Tuesday was pretty fun. Mommy found these awesome books for us and we read after our nap and snack.

Then when we got to town, our cousins Maggie and Gracie, and their mommy and daddy Aunt Julie and Uncle Arnie came over for dinner and we celebrated "Jeff Day", which is really just Daddy's way of saying Gramma makes him is favorite meal. We liked the cheesy potatoes best. After dinner, we cousins all played nicely together. We even let the adults take some pictures.

By the time Thursday and Thanksgiving dinner came around, I was feeling pretty crummy. I don't think Gramma appreciated the fact that Coopy and I would've rather pushed our food around and drank from our Husker sippys than eaten her yummy dinner.

Then Friday, we were supposed to go to the Husker football game, but Daddy got sick! We were pretty disappointed, so we spent the day ripping up one of Pops' magazines while Daddy napped.

When he woke up, he was feeling a little better and since he felt so bad that he made us miss the game, he shared his Chex Mix with us.

Fortunately we love it as much as he does. You know what else we love? Day AFTER Thanksgiving dinner. It's delicious!

Then today, before we went home, we decided to be nice and pose for some pictures with Gramma,

and Maggie, Daddy and Uncle Arnie.

When Maggie wanted a picture with just the two of us, we (and by "we", I clearly mean "I") decided it was time to go.

Daddy says we weren't even out of Norfolk before we were fast asleep.

Even though molars suck (see Mom...told you I'd break the exception!), we still had a pretty good Thanksgiving. :-)

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