Saturday, December 1, 2012

Pink party

Today's been a pretty amazing day.  The only sad part is that we haven't seen Daddy all day.  He left early this morning to go to Indy for the Big 10 Championship game.  Me and Coopy, we're hoping the Huskers win so Daddy'll be in an extra good mood when he gets home tomorrow.  Anyway, we started our morning with our version of a game day breakfast: pancakes, fruit and two kinds of cereal.

Then we spent the morning vegging out, preparing for our post-naptime adventure.  See, today was our friend Aiden's birthday party, and since he invited us, Mommy decided to drive way up to suburbs she never even knew existed, so we could go.  It was awesome!  I was expecting a pink party (because all the best parties are pink), but since Aiden's a boy, it was pirate themed instead.  We had a pretty good time playing with Aiden's toys and showing off for his grandparents.  

I also spent some time testing out his Christmas tree.  

I'm pretty sure this is the first one I've ever seen in real life.  Anyway, then it was time for cake!  We LOVE cake!  Me and Aiden, we snuck a few tastes before his mommy gave us our pieces.  

It was a super fun party...but it would've been better if it was pink.  Thanks for inviting us Aiden!  And GO BIG RED!

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