Saturday, July 21, 2012


Lately, me Eloise, I've done a pretty stellar job of using my words, (unlike unnamed toddler boys who also live in this house), to make requests for things I want. And Mommy and Daddy have been so impressed with my skills, I've almost always gotten my way. Like when I asked for "egg" Thursday morning, Mommy made me eggies with hammie and "cheeeee" (cheese) for breakfast. Then when I requested "pizzi" about 10 minutes later, Mommy said we could have pizza for dinner. It was amazing! So imagine my surprise, when I was decidedly pushing my luck, and Mommy's limitless patience yesterday, that when I requested cake, she actually said we could make one! Amazing right?! So last night, while Mommy and Daddy were at a movie, me, Coopy and "Izzz" (Liz) made a cake. To make it easier on Liz, I decided to use a boxed mix, but first we had to read the directions.

Then we had to get all the ingredients together,

and taste test (or try to) what we could.

Once everything was mixed up, and the cakes were in the oven, it was time to lick the bowl.

Unfortunately our cake didn't turn out so well. But there was enough to take a small taste each, and we totally got pudding to make up for our cake fail.

Maybe next time if we make it from scratch it'll turn out better.

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