Sunday, February 24, 2013

Finally some winter fun

This winter has been kind of a drag.  Me and Ella, we've been sharing this lame cough and cold like thing for most of the season.  We've tried to tell Mommy that at least we're sharing...she said she's less than impressed.  Anyway, today we finally convinced her to look past our snotty noses and our coughs and let us play outside.  Boy oh boy are we glad she did!  After a pretty fantastic swim lesson, and a not too bad nap, Daddy surprised us with two new bright red sleds.  Pretty much I'm a sledding expert, but I still went down the hill with Dad, just so he wouldn't be scared.

Even Mommy got into the fun!

But the most fun?  When me and Ella raced!

Don't worry...I won.

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