Friday, August 2, 2013

24(ish) hours

Last week, Daddy came home from work and asked us if we wanted to go visit Gramma Betti and Pops.  I guess Daddy had to go to the big big office for work this week, and Pops suggested that Ella and I tag along.  We agreed...but only if we could bring Mommy too.  So Wednesday morning we packed up, hopped on a plane, and were in Norfolk in time to get some good playing in before lunch.  Once we'd played, hung out with Gramma's friends Karyn and Kris, had lunch and taken a pretty ok nap, Gramma said she had an awesome snack project for us.  We got to decorate mini cupcakes with pink and blue frosting!  ALL BY OURSELVES!

Fair point...I think we ate more frosting that we used for the actual act of frosting...but whatever.  Once we were sufficiently sugared up, we took a little calm down time with Gramma before heading out to dinner.

Thursday was a pretty awesome day.  We got cupcakes for breakfast, (Gramma took pity on us and frosted the rest of the cupcakes while we ran off our sugar), and then we went to the Norfolk Bike Park.  It was pretty awesome, even though I didn't do any biking.  Ella was a champ though...

 and we actually posed for a few pictures too.

Once we were finished at the bike park, we decided to go find the new equipment that NIM donated to the city in honor of the 100th anniversary a few years ago.  Want to know the best part?  The plaque was placed into a huge baseball!!


After all that excitement, we took a good nap and before we knew it we were back home.  We can't wait to go back...thanks for a great, if short, visit Gramma Betti and Pops!

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