Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Second first day of school

Today was our second first day of school (keeping up with that?), and it was awesome!  This year, since we're big kids, we get to be in a new classroom and we have a new teacher and new cubbies and new toys to play with and new stuff to learn.  It's pretty great.  I was feeling pretty photogenic this morning, so I decided I'd be nice and pose for all of Mommy's pictures.  See?

Coopy would only pose with Daddy.

Before we left for school, we let Caddie take a picture with us too.  She's a very cooperative puppy you know.

Then it was time for Cooper's annual no-I-will-not-put-my-backpack-on-so-you-can-take-a-picture tantrum,

and it was time to head for school!  Once we got there, we let Daddy get us out of the car so Mommy could take pictures.

I walked right into school, all by myself, but Coopy had to hold Daddy's hand.  Then I guided everyone down the stairs and into our classroom.

We had a great second first day of school!  We can't wait for our second second day of school!

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