Sunday, October 27, 2013


Our house was full of people this weekend coming and going and was awesome!  When we got up from naps on Friday, Mommy's cousin Vicki was here!  We were super excited to see her, especially when she came outside with us to blow bubbles.

Then, Gramma Betti, Pops and Daddy came home!  We'd barely seen Daddy all week, but we were almost even more excited to see Gramma and Pops.  Ella and I were sure to give Gramma lots of hugs and kisses, 

but mostly I was just excited to play football with Pops.

Then Mommy's other cousin Ashley came too!  It was a pretty full house.  Gramma and Pops left after the (dismal) football game Saturday.  But Ashley and Vicki stayed until today.  It was pretty great...especially when they read with us.

We miss everyone already.  Thanks for coming to visit!

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