Monday, March 31, 2014


Guess what?!?!?!?  It's finally spring!  (Yes, I'm aware I might be speaking too soon...especially if you look at the forecast for the week, but I think I'm beyond caring)  And now that it's finally warming up, we finally got outside!  It was AWESOME!  On Saturday I mowed, and Ella strolled...

and we rode our balance bikes.

It was great.  And then Sunday Mommy and Daddy surprised us by taking us to the bike store.  At first they were just going to check to make sure our helmets still fit and that our balance bikes were the right size, but before we knew it we were looking at big kid bikes.  Big kid bikes with training wheels!  Ella was a little scared (she thought her training wheels made her bike feel tippy), but not me Coopy.  I was pumped!  So I'm not exactly the best peddler (and by that I mean I don't all), but that didn't stop me from racing up and down the sidewalk...with Daddy close behind.

And just so Ella doesn't feel left out, I'll show you how cute she thinks she looks sitting on her bike.

Anyway,  it was so much fun to finally get outside.  Maybe the weather reports will be wrong and it won't snow this week so we can play outside and bike more.

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