Thursday, September 16, 2010

16lbs 4oz!

The one good thing about weekly doctor appointments is that it reassures Jeff and I that we're not breaking our babies, but actually allowing them to thrive. Today, they weighed in at a combined total of 16lbs 4oz (8lbs 2oz each)!!! They're HUGE!! Or huge in comparison to where they started because they've now quadrupled their size since they were born!

We're all still surviving after 2.5 weeks of having the babies home. Fingers crossed, they're starting to sleep better which means Jeff and I get almost 4 hours at a stretch. We just need them to keep it up!


  1. what adorable chunkers!!!! AND letting their mommy and daddy actually get some sleep??? This is all GREAT news!!!

  2. WOOHOO, glad to see things are going so well :)

  3. Great to check in on the babies and see how much they have grown and thriving...