Thursday, September 9, 2010

A question of paternity

Today is the first time I've actually questioned the paternity of these children...well one of them anyway. The babies an appointment to check their weights with the pediatrician, and the doctor told us what percentages the babies were in based on their weights, heights and head sizes. Cooper is roughly the same (25th percentile) over all 3 measurements. Eloise, on the other hand, is apparently tall, skinny, and has a small head...all things Jeff said Robinsons are not! All jokes aside, both babies are looking great and gaining all kinds of weight. Cooper is 7.4lbs and Ella is 7.8lbs, but the only reason we think Coopy weighs less is because he's been "Cooper the super pooper" today. :-) Other than the doctor, our little ones have spent most of the day perfecting their "Pops at services" impression, (sleeping). Happy New Year everyone!


  1. these are such fun pictures!! and their outfits keep getting cuter and cuter!!

  2. I agree with Polly that the outfits are darling. Even better is how cute and healthy Cooper and Eloise look. Happy New Year to all of you and Happy Anniversary (yesterday). The best gift of all was to have these special babies home with you (even though you get no sleep). Love you all.