Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Crackers and Puffs

Guys, me and Ella, we've been real busy since we got back from Arizona...but we've been having lots of fun too. Gramma Polly came over last weekend and played with us and we had lots of fun. She was raspberry-ing my cheek...I'm not too sure I liked it.

She was nicer to Ella though. She just snuggled and held her.

Then there was another snowstorm, so we were super busy trying to keep Mommy and Daddy entertained. Good thing we're so exciting...they didn't mind all the snow. We snuggled with our "Gramma Betti" bears.

And we did some sitting and jumping practice.

Then, just to spice things up, we chomped on our Sophies for a little bit.

Giraffes are yummy. Then tonight, guess what? We got puffs and Mum Mum crackers! I thought they were so super delicious, I even fed myself!

Ella was not such a big fan.

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