Thursday, March 3, 2011

Keeping Busy

Hi guys...Ella here. Seeing as it's still winter, me and Coopy, we're doing our best to keep busy at home. Because we're getting so big and stuff, (we do weigh over 18lbs each now), we've been getting fruit for breakfast. Did you know that peaches are delicious? Because they are. Sometimes we also get to watch "Sesame Street"...especially if we've made a big mess that Mommy needs to clean up.

Sometimes Mommy is not quite fast enough in feeding Coopy, and he has to start eating his bib or he'll starve and stuff!

Then, after breakfast, we usually get to play, me in the activity station, and Coopy in his jumper. Most of the time when I'm in my activity station I'm testing out my lung and vocal chord functions...usually it makes Mommy's ears ring. :-)

Sometimes, when Coopy gets tired of jumping, he likes to do some light reading while scooting around on the floor.

And sometimes if we're really lucky...we get to bring our toys up on the couch to play with! It's pretty great and all, but it's not quite as fun when Coopy tries to steal my toys.

I really like it when I get to play on the couch by myself.

And you want to know what Coopy likes? He likes to play peek-a-boo when he's supposed to be napping!

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