Thursday, April 14, 2011

A day in the life of Coopy

You see guys, I have a pretty good life. It's even better when Mommy and Daddy notice it, especially so when Ella is being less than perfect. Today was one of those pretty fantastic days, even though it was crummy outside and we didn't get to go swinging or for a walk or anything. Wanna know what I did do be so perfect and have such a great day? Well, I played in my ball pit.

And I played with my puppy.

And I also had an extra special toes. They're pretty delicious.

Wanna know why Ella has been less than perfect? Well, she had her boyfriend over the other day, and Daddy's not too fond of the idea of Ella having a boyfriend. Or it could be because his daddy is a Notre Dame fan. :-)

She's also been rolling into lots of places she shouldn't be. Like under the tables and underneath my swing...when I'm in it!

I guess she hasn't been all bad though, she did play with the puppy a little bit.

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