Sunday, April 24, 2011

Busy week and whatnot

Ok guys...I know me and Coopy haven't posted in a while, but we've just been so busy doing super cool baby stuff that we just haven't had the time. Want to know what we've been up to? Ok: Well, we've been doing some playing together.

And when Coopy is too busy eating his books, I've been making some important phone calls. Daddy's not the only one with business to take care of!

We've also gotten to taste some new things, like french fries.

Coopy found them to be delicious. I thought they were more fun to squish around in my hands...they make a delightful mess. Coopy tried to taste Daddy's Diet Coke too...I don't think he got anything though.

Today was pretty much the best day ever though, and you want to know why? Because we got to go swinging again! Mommy and Daddy and Caddie and me and Coopy, we all went on a walk to the park.

And want to know what? Because there's only one baby swing, me and Coopy took turns swinging on Mommy's lap...she's a pretty good swinger you see.

I don't think Caddie liked the swings as much as we did though.

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  1. Hey Coopy and Ella - tell your mom you can ride in the swing together, back to back. It's super fun, I've done it with friends because mom wouldn't get me a twin of my own. Hope to see you soon!

    Love, Juj