Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Photo shoot

Today, me and Ella got to be in a photo shoot. Our friends Scott and Jess came to take some pictures of us, because we're turning one you know. Want to know the best part? It was Scott's birthday today so Mommy went to get donuts...but I think they were for us to eat and not for him. :-) We really like donuts you see. After the donuts it was picture time...and we did great! Mommy and Daddy said they'll get the real pictures in a few weeks, but fortunately Anne was there to sneak some, so I could give you a preview. Don't I look cute with my mommy?

And look at Ella and Daddy.

Then, Mommy said she wanted some of the whole family...

but Ella just wanted to show off her butt!

It was a pretty fun day. We like being baby models.

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  1. cute family photos! I can't believe they are almost 1.