Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Puppy teeth

WOOF! It's me, Caddie. Mom and Dad sometimes ask me to blog...just incase I have anything to say. I tell them "Of course I have something I want to say!" You see, I want to tell everyone how sucky it is to have babies because all they do is pull on my fur, and roll into me and take my favorite spots on the floor and on the couch! And they don't share their toys and I get in trouble for eating all their food, even though they drop it for me. And then Mom usually says something stupid like "Caddie, if you're not going to say anything nice about your babies, then we're not going to let you say anything at all." So that's why you usually don't hear from me. But tonight I wanted to tell everyone about puppy teeth. I remember when my first puppy tooth fell out, Mommy sang a song about it. It went something like "Caddie lost a puppy tooth today..." Well, if they were so excited for mine to fall out, why the heck are they so excited about Ella's first puppy tooth coming in??

Mommy and Daddy want me to tell you that even though you can't see it in the picture, you can feel it...if Ella doesn't bite your finger off first. :-)

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