Monday, August 22, 2011


Last weekend me and Coopy, we sent Mommy and Daddy to Chicago. At first they were all, "Well guys, are you sure you don't want to come?" And we were all, "Heck no! We're sick of you! Go play and have fun and leave us home alone!" I mean, we are toddlers...we're completely capable of staying home by ourselves. Unfortunately Mommy and Daddy didn't agree and we had to compromise. They said they'd go out of town like we asked, but only if they could leave us with a babysitter...just incase something bad happened. Want to know a secret? We are so glad they left a babysitter for us! We had so much fun! First on Friday, our new friend Liz came to hang out like she usually does. It was awesome! I got to wear her sunglasses,

and we got to sneak cans of Daddy's Diet Coke (shhh...don't tell!),

and we even got eggs and toast for breakfast!

After Liz left, our friend Christy came to spend the weekend with us. At first we weren't too sure, and all we wanted to do was go to sleep. Maybe sending Mommy and Daddy away wasn't such a good idea...I know I was hoping they'd be home in the morning.

Well, they weren't. And at first we were sad, but we quickly cheered up when Christy told us she was going to take us to a birthday party! If you remember, we LOVE birthday parties, because birthday parties = cake. Well, we didn't get any cake, but we did have a pretty good time hanging out with Christy and her friends and all the big kids.

After the party we did some good playing together before calling it a night.

Then yesterday, Mommy and Daddy came home! But first we had to put in a full day of eating and showing off our food.

During snack, me and Coopy, we recapped the weekend. We decided that as awesome as it was having someone else hang out with us, we still love our mommy and daddy best.

But if they have to go out of town again...we'll be ok, want to know why? Because when they leave they bring us presents! Look at me reading one of our awesome new books from the aquarium!

And we got the best shirts ever! We sure do like presents...but we like having Mommy and Daddy around even more.

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