Monday, August 29, 2011

One year ago...

Today was kind of a big deal...wanna know why? It was a year ago today that we babies finally got to come home from the hospital! Mommy thought it would be a good day to remember what we were like a year ago, and to compare us then to us now. Well, a year ago we didn't do a whole lot...we slept, cried, ate and pooped. Oh! And we looked tiny in our small kid bucket car seats.

And to be fair, even today, we sleep, cry, eat and poop, but we do so much other stuff too! Like we crawl, and pull up on everything. And Coopy stands all by himself and claps all the time. And me Ella, I mimic and laugh and screech whenever I feel like it, which is constantly. Want to know what else we can do? We can feed ourselves...LOTS! Mommy said we should celebrate being home a whole year, so she got us cupcakes. They were delicious! The best part was they were mini, so we could just shove the whole things right in our mouths.

It was awesome! I wonder what we'll get for being home for 2 years?

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