Monday, September 19, 2011

Lone rangers

Mommy and Daddy went to Lincoln last weekend, and guess what! They left us all alone!! Ok, well, not all alone, all alone...Liz was with us, but she's putty in our hands so we basically had the run of the joint. :-) Anyway, it was awesome! We had the best time! Liz had this great idea to give us some Cool Whip with our berries and fruit at snack time...

clearly we thought it was the very best idea ever. She's so brilliant. :-) Then on Saturday, we even got to watch football with her!

Unfortunately she couldn't find the Husker game on tv, but that was ok, we still supported our team.

Then yesterday, she accidentally left her computer open and on the couch where we could reach it, and we got to learn all about Facebook!

We asked Mommy if we could have one and she said that since we could barely keep up with our blog, we're clearly not ready for Facebook. Stupid. We can't wait for the next time Mommy and Daddy leave us with Liz for a weekend!

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