Wednesday, September 14, 2011


We love it when we get mail...even more so when the mail is in the form of a package. And the best part? It's not even our birthday! Yesterday we got a package with tons of awesome stuff in it! First, we got these projects our cousin Maggie made for us. Cooper's is a turtle, and mine is a fish.

We made Mommy hang them up where we could see them, but not eat them. Then, because I'm a girl, I got an extra special present from Maggie...Husker hair clips!

I wasn't feeling too cooperative this morning when Mommy tried to get me to model them, but I did allow her to put one in my hair for a quick picture. Then, the very very best? We got NIM sweatshirts from Aunt Julie! She said that since she was getting some for Maggie and Gracie, she thought she'd get some for us too. We love them!

Thanks for our presents guys!

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