Wednesday, May 23, 2012


We know it's been a long time since we updated, but we haven't had much to say. We've kept pretty busy the last week or so, but we haven't done anything worth noting...and we don't want to bore any of you with the mundane-ness of our routines. Especially since we had such a great long weekend that we want you super excited to hear all about it! Saturday, Mommy and Daddy left for Maryland for the annual MSCI conference, and fortunately for us, they decided to leave us home with Liz. See, we love traveling, but usually Liz has such awesome things planned for us that we end up having more fun without Mommy and Daddy than we do when they're home. And this time was NO exception: first, Liz got us little weekend goodie bags with sand toys, a pinwheel and socks and sunglasses.

Awesome right? Then, she let us play with her phone!!

Good thing we're so responsible and well behaved, we only used it to check in with Mom and Dad. Then we got to make cookies,

and she gave me my first pedicure.

She even remembered Ice Cream Monday!

But the very best part? We got to spend yesterday afternoon at the zoo! It was awesome!!! We loved everything, but we especially loved when we got to be a polar bear.

We even got toys from the gift shop,

AND we got to be burger kings and queens!

Amazing! When's the next conference?

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