Sunday, May 27, 2012


Mommy and Daddy spend an awful lot of time telling everyone what great toddlers we are. They like to brag about what we say and sign, what we like to do, what we like to eat, how we sleep...all that super lame stuff that adults seem to care about. Well, sometimes we like to take it upon ourselves to act super extra goofy, so Mommy and Daddy have no choice but to tell everyone just how big of turkeys we can be. Like today, I decided to walk around with cookies in my mouth...

Mommy said I get extra points for being so patriotic. Want to know why else today was an especially turkey-ish day? Well, when Mommy took me and Ella to the park this morning while Daddy was golfing, all I wanted to do was sit on the slide and make faces at Mom.

Then, tonight, Ella decided to empty Caddie's toy bin. I decided to use it as my new jungle gym.


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