Sunday, June 10, 2012

Two party!

If you weren't at our house yesterday afternoon, you missed out because we had the best birthday party ever! We had a bounce house, and cake, and hamburgers, and hot dogs, and cake, and mms, and cake! And so many of our friends came over to play with us! The bounce house was so was a tiger, and it was a good thing it was so mega hot outside because if it was even a little bit cooler we would never have gotten out! After we opened our presents from Liz, we took her outside to test it out.

It was pretty fun, especially when our grammas peeked in at us.

While we were letting our tummies settle after our awesome dinner, I watched some horse racing with Pops.

Then it was time to jump with all our friends! Michael, and Max, and Ethan...

even our grammas got in!

Some of our younger friends, like Aiden and Jude were a little afraid of the tiger, so they mostly played inside. Pops wasn't so into jumping, but he did play peek with Ella, so I guess that counts.

When we all got too hot, it was time for cake.

Our cake was so delicious! Everyone thought so...especially Daddy.

Once we were done, it was back out to the tiger, but this time Daddy got in too!

Juj and her daddy also jumped with us, and since it was just us in the tiger, she sang us "Happy Birthday". By the time everyone left, we realized we were having so much fun we forgot to open presents! Fortunately, before bedtime, we got to open some from Gramma, Pops, Maggie and Gracie.

Thanks to all our friends and family that were able to celebrate two with us! We hope this year is as much fun as one was!


  1. It was a pretty awesome day and your momma and daddy sure know how to throw a good party!! i had a great time!

  2. Happy birthday!! I can't believe they are two already. Looks like a great party.