Sunday, September 30, 2012

Minnetonka Orchard: A soliloquy to Liz

With Mommy and Daddy out of town, Liz is always looking for awesome stuff for us to do, and I'm pretty sure she pulled out all the stops for this weekend.  On Saturday, she took us to the apple orchard, and oh my god did we have fun!  First, we got to ride a tractor, 

and then we got to check out the animals.

We weren't totally impressed.  We did, however, LOVE the pumpkin patch!

It's not every day we pose for pictures so nicely.  Then we got to climb on a hay pile, test out the apple cider, and play in a wooden train.

Once we were bored of that, we decided to pose with Liz again around some more pumpkins.

This time we weren't quite as obliging, so Liz bribed us with a rest and some donuts.

The last thing we did was get our faces painted...

and aren't our pumpkin cheeks awesome?  Liz is basically the very best nanny we've ever had.  We love it when she stays with us, and we don't even ask for Mommy and Daddy...despite what Liz might say.  We just tell her to tell them we miss them so they don't feel so left out.  Thanks for a super fun weekend Liz!  We can't wait to do it again!

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