Saturday, October 6, 2012


Daddy had a few meetings in Norfolk this week, so me, and Ella and Mommy decided to tag along.  You see, we hadn't been to Norfolk since July, and we had some important stuff to do.  See, Gramma Lea had shoulder surgery a few weeks ago, and we decided we'd better pay her a visit to cheer her up, and help her get better soon.  So Wednesday we got up and got moving right away so we could spend some time in Lincoln.  Not only was she glad we stopped by, but we saw Papa too and he had presents for us!  First we got these awesome wooden cars,

and then I got this super awesome hat!

I let Ella wear it though too, just because I'm a nice brother.

I made sure to flirt with Gramma Lea, and we both even posed for a few pictures.

Then on Thursday, after Ella helped Gramma make krispie treats, Uncle Arnie, Maggie and Gracie came over for dinner.

We had a great time playing with our cousins, and we even posed for some more pictures!

It's nice to be home, but we had a great visit.  Maybe next time we'll get to swing out to the office to keep Pops on his toes!

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