Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Not a normal Wednesday

Today was a pretty awesome Wednesday.  Last night, Daddy went to a bbq class that our friend Tony put on.  Daddy said it was pretty neat, but the only part we cared about was that he came home with donuts for us this morning!

Awesome right?  Then, there was a Thanksgiving lunch at school today, but we didn't want to miss gym, so we made Mommy take us to class before lunch.  We made sure to work up a huge appetite!

Then, the most awesomest part of our day?  Thanksgiving Lunch at school...AND DADDY CAME!  Wednesday's not a usual school day for us, but we still got to go.

Lunch was super cool.  There was singing and eating and friends and eating.  We love Thanksgiving!  And we love Daddy!

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