Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Field trip

Yesterday, me and Ella took our first ever field trip.  It was pretty exciting, even though we were kind of bummed that Mommy had to come along too.  Fortunately for us, she just hung in the background and took pictures...everyone knows the cool kids don't need their mommies to come places with them!  Anyway, we got to go to the farm!  It was awesome...even if it was kind of smelly. We got to wear these awesome "got mitzvah" shirts.

Once we were all dressed and looking awesome, it was time to see the animals!  Me and Ella didn't want to get too close to the piggies or the chickens,

but when we got to feed the little lambs...that was super fun!

We also saw cows and puppies and milking machines and we got to taste greens in the greenhouse.  It was a great first field trip.  I can't wait until we get to go on another one!

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