Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Happy birthday to us!

Apparently 3 is the birthday that keeps on going!  I mean, we're not complaining, but I'm not too sure what tomorrow's going to be like since all the celebrating will be done.  Anyway, since today was our actual birthday, Mommy thought we should do something special to celebrate.  Since the weather was predictably questionable (like it has been all spring long), we decided to go to the Minnesota Children's Museum.  It was awesome!  First we went to the Dora exhibit and I pretended to be hunting aliens.

Then we decided to be rainforest vets and spent some time scanning the animals to figure out was wrong with them.

We also made sure to take advantage of the museum's bubble tub.

Once we'd had our soapy fill, we realized (well, Mommy realized) that it was time for lunch.  After we had our fill of pizza and yummy fresh mozzarella, we got to have an extra special birthday treat...ice cream (ok...frozen yogurt) sundaes!

They were pretty delicious.  Once we'd gone home and taken pretty awesome naps, Gramma Polly came over to open presents and have dinner with us.

And then guess what happened?  Mommy and Daddy surprised us with another cake after dinner!

Apparently Mommy said she'd miss-ordered on our first cake, and there wasn't enough for us to celebrate with tonight.  Whatever, we weren't complaining!

We've had a pretty great birthday: all our grandparents, a party, a bounce house, the ice cream lady, the Children's Museum and 2 cakes!  I wonder how we're going to top it next year??  Thanks to everyone for celebrating with us!

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