Wednesday, June 11, 2014


Well, it finally happened.  We finally turned four! We had an awesome day too.  It started with cupcakes for breakfast,

and was followed up with crowns and popsicles and Mommy and Daddy visits at school.

Then, after some pretty epic naps, (yes, we still nap...four's not too old for naps...neither is 31, just ask Mommy), it was time for our grammas and Pops to come over for dinner and cake!  We say it all the time, cake is by far the best part of birthdays, and ours was no exception.

We even helped everyone sing the silly "Happy Birthday" song to us before we worked together to blow out our candle.

Before everyone left, we opened some pretty great presents.  We bet four will be our best year yet.  Thanks everyone!!


  1. So fun! Can't wait to see them! Love Aunt Yo

  2. Happy birthday friends! We can't wait to see you soon! (And our mom still naps most days, age33.). Love, Julia and Elise