Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday Update

Both babies took a little step backwards today.  They are having a lot of the apnea spells.  Both of them are back on SiPap machines.  This is more of an advanced C-Pap that they had been on.  The doctors do not appear worried about what is going on.  The main cause of the spells is the fact that that they are young and will grow out of it in hopefully 4 weeks or so.  They are currently what would be 28 weeks and usually the spells peak between 28 and 31 weeks.   

Other than that they are doing really well.  Both are getting little to no extra oxygen from the machines, just need the extra pressure to remember to breathe. 

Both babies weighed in this morning at 930 grams (2lbs 1oz).  I suggested calling Ella "Pork Chop" since she gained 40 grams over night however since she is still so small the nurse suggested  "bacon strip" instead. 

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