Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tuesday Update

Not a whole lot new to report today.  The nurses allowed me to do diaper duty on both babies this afternoon.  Both Coop and Ella are doing well on their feedings.  Ella is having a turn with the photo therapy, and Coop is enjoying a break from it. 

They had to recalibrate Cooper's SiPap machine today so we had the opportunity to take a couple of pictures of him with no mask on. 


  1. We weren't quite fast enough at snapping the pictures, but Coop gave us some huge smiles when he was free of all his masks. He was one happy baby without anything hindering his view of the world.

  2. Does he already have Jeff's hair line?????

  3. Maggie said "cooper want strawberry ice cream"...guess she thinks you should fatten him up a bit.