Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day! (and some pictures too)

We know we're biased, but our children are very advanced. Cooper rolled over today...twice. We're not sure how he did it, but he did. It took him about 20 minutes, but somehow he worked his way out of his little snuggle blanket and made it from his front to his back. We are very proud parents. :-)

I think all of Coop's advanced behavior got to his head though, because he also tried to pull his sunglasses off, and when Jeff reached in to move his hand, he just held on tighter. We've got a little stinker on our hands I think! :-)

Both kids are still doing well on the SiPap, and Eloise went to continuous increases on her feedings. It's only a matter of time before she catches up to her brother. Cooper's sunlamp came off today, although there's always a chance he'll have to go back on it again.

The kids also made (with the help of their overnight nurse), a father's day card for Daddy...he sure is one proud Papa.

We also had visitors today.  Dave Shirley and Jordan Copple, and Aaron and Jaycee Bradley stopped in while they were in the Twin Cities for a summer basketball tournament.  If anyone is going to be in town let us know and we will make sure to be available for you to stop by and meet the twins. 


  1. I was lucky enough to actually watch Cooper flip himself onto his back! He was lying on his stomach, arms and hands tightly tucked under his chest, and then very slowly and VERY slyly, he flipped himself over!! He had his shades on, but I swear he winked at me!! What a treat on Jeff's 1st Father's Day!! gramma polly

  2. Jeff -- perfect shirt. Can't argue with that.