Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Follow-up Clinic

So you know how me and Coopy were born super early, and we had to spend all last summer in the hospital? And we didn't get to do anything fun like play outside and go for walks and go swimming and swinging and stuff? Well, because of that, we have to visit our friends at the hospital once a year to get followed, just so the doctors and nurses can check our progress. I blame Coopy for coming early...he was ready to come out. Me, Ella, I was nice and cozy warm all squished in Mommy's tummy...I would've stayed there forever. But anyway, because Coopy wanted to come out, I had to come out too. But I digress. Today was clinic day and wow was it fun! We had to take this test and we passed! We did everything we were supposed to do. We rang the bells, and we tasted the blocks, and played with the balls. We rolled and sat and Coopy army crawled. We gave 5, and we peek-a-booed. And me Ella, I blew a few kisses...just for good measure. We even got to snack on puffs as part of our test! It was great. Then, when we were done showing off how awesome we are at being babies, we got weighed and measured. Me Ella, I weigh 21lbs 9oz, and I'm 28 3/4" tall...amazing right? And Coopy, he weighs 20lbs 10oz, and he's 29 5/8" tall. We're huge! See?

Mommy and Daddy said the best part of the visit was that the occupational therapist first called us a success story, and then said that she wouldn't have recognized me and Coopy if not for our parents. And she and the doctor said that if they didn't know better, they never would've guessed that we started out micro-sized. Want to know what we thought the best part was? Seeing 3 of our favorite nurses. We really love them. We really loved everyone we met at the hospital last summer, but can I tell you something? I'm glad we get to spend this summer playing and being babies. No more hospitals for us!

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  1. Whoa! You guys are bigger than me now!! I mean, I can't really help it, my parents are midgets, but still. Good job growing giant!

    Can't wait to see you soon,
    Love, Juj