Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Guys, so much has happened over the last few days that I don't even know where to begin. Our Uncle Evan finally married our Aunt Amy last weekend, and we got to go along. Even though we weren't a part of the wedding, we were still super busy. We're getting to be such big babies, I don't know if you can even call us babies anymore, especially me Coopy. I wanted to be doing everything my daddy was drinking beer,

and brushing my teeth,

and eating muffins. Daddy tried to keep the muffin away from me, but I reached real far and got it!

While Mommy and Daddy did wedding stuff, me and Ella, we got to spend lots of time at the pool. Did you know that we LOVE swimming? Because we do. There was a big kids pool and a baby pool. And even though we're almost big kids, we still liked the baby pool more because we could sit in it and splash all by ourselves.

We also love floating in our floaties.

We got to swim with our cousins Maggie and Gabi too. They're pretty great. Maggie's bigger than us, and so she helped us float in our floaties.

Gabi's smaller than us so he just floated along with us.

After a while, swimming made Ella grumpy and tired.

Good thing Pops was there to cheer her up!

When were weren't swimming, we got to hang out in our hotel room. Hotel beds are very fun for playing you see.

Ella got to practice her game of pool with Aunt Yo in the Hospitality Suite.

Then Saturday night we got to get dressed up in our party clothes to go to the rehearsal dinner. It was at the hotel, so when we got tired of being around all those adults, we could go back up to our room and have a slumber party with Anne. We did look pretty cute in our dressed up outfits though.

It was such a busy weekend. By the time we got to the airport Monday morning, Ella was ready to go home.

But not me, Coopy! I'm all ready for my next trip!

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