Sunday, July 10, 2011

Weekend Update...

...with Cooper Robinson. So maybe Mommy and Daddy don't think I'm as funny as any of the comedians on SNL, but I sure do. I'm hilarious!

Me and Ella, we've had a pretty fantastic weekend. Saturday night we had a new friend come play with us. Her name is Laura, and we think she's amazing! We sent Mommy and Daddy to dinner and ice cream, you see...we need some time away from them for gosh sakes! Even though we were super grumpy (Mommy and Daddy said we were in complete meltdown) she played with us and fed us and snuggled with us. And we slept so well! This is what Mommy and Daddy said I looked like this morning.

Then today, Gramma Polly came over. We've been spending a lot of time playing with her lately, mostly when Mommy and Daddy are running errands, or playing golf, or resting because they're sick. Today Mommy was able to snap a picture of Ella playing "so big" with Gramma. I think I'm cuter...even though Ella's bigger.

Then tonight, Mommy wanted to get a toothy update picture from each of us. We each have 2 teeth now you see. My two teeth are on the bottom right in the middle. Perfect for biting and showing off. I cooperated like a good boy...see?

Ella, not so much. Her two teeth are far apart. One is on the bottom, but the other that's just cracking through is a fang! When Mommy tried to take tooth pictures of Ella, this is what she got.

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