Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Yesterday Ella told you guys how we're teenagers now. Well guess what else? We're trendsetters too. See, we turned one last month, and since then it's like everyone we know is turning one too, just to be like us. Like our friend Max, he turned one last week, and we got to go to his party and have cake. And today, Mom said it's our cousin Gabi's birthday and he's one too! So we figured, birthday = party = cake...right? Wrong! Mom said that since Gabi lives in stupid San Diego, (which we learned is not as close as Norfolk, and is therefore stupid), we probably wouldn't be invited to his party. AND, she said that since we weren't going to be invited to his party (which is also stupid because we love parties), we weren't going to have any cake either. Double stupid! Clearly, the lack of cake for Gabi's birthday had nothing to do with our foul moods, and everything to do with Mom trying to deprive us of some of our favorite things. Anyway, I digress. She did say that if our moods improved and we took good naps, that she would make us cookies (frosted sugar cookies to be exact...and maybe Daddy requested them, but Mom can't say no to our cute looks, waves and claps). Well, this is what we woke up from our outstanding naps to:

Frosted sugar cookies are DELICIOUS!


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  1. Thanks guys! You're always invited to any party my mommies throw for me; I just wish you lived closer to stupid San Diego.

    Keep setting 'em trends.