Monday, July 11, 2011


Today me and Coopy, we're teenagers. Because 13 and 13 months are the same thing...right? Anyway, to celebrate (if you can even call it that...apparently after turning 1, Mommy and Daddy say we can't celebrate month birthdays anymore, lame) I made sure to show off my peeking skills.

Coopy showed off his not listening very well skills when he tried to crawl all the way into the dining room.

It was nice and hot and sunny out today, so we got to play in our wading pool. It's pretty much one of the most fun places to play at our house. Anyway, we also got to break open some new tubby toys we got for our birthday. Like these squeezie toys that squirt water, they're pretty fun to chew on.

And this starfish fountain.

I liked it more than Coopy did...

especially when I got to catch the water.

Being a teenager is awesome!

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