Sunday, October 16, 2011


Yesterday, Mommy and Daddy got a new camera. Therefore, today was clearly a crappy day to be a toddler in our house. Everything we did, all we heard was "Do it again!" and "Let me take your picture!" and "Coopy...Ella! Look over here! Cheese and smile!" So super dumb, right? Well...I guess it wasn't all bad, we did get to do some pretty awesome stuff. At first, the new camera looked like an awesome new toy for us, so we did a little mugging...just to show off.

Then when it was time for breakfast, and we got donuts!

We do so very much love Donut Sunday, especially now that we're older and can eat donuts with awesome toppings like chocolate and grahams! Then it was time to read the paper. I just liked to carry it around on my laps and leave it all over the house. Mommy and Daddy really appreciate when I leave stuff where it doesn't belong.

Ella actually wanted to read the paper. She kept saying she was "keeping up with her current events"...but I think she was just trying to convince Mommy and Daddy that she's smarter than me.

Yeah...she may think she's smarter, but I can walk and she can't! :-) Then after nap, we got to go to the pumpkin patch! We got to see lambs,

and horses,

and we got to sit on a mound of hay.

That part sucked. But then we got to pick our pumpkins, and we really liked that.

We can't wait until next year when we can carry them ourselves!

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