Sunday, October 23, 2011

Minnesota vs. Nebraska

This weekend was a big one. One one hand, it was the UMN v. NU football game...which was clearly a big deal to us. I mean, we're Minnesota born, but Daddy keeps saying we "Bleed for the Blackshirts", so we were kind of conflicted about who to root for.

Well, ok, not really all that confused. :-) And on the other hand, it was a big weekend because we got to spend the WHOLE thing with Gramma Betti and Pops! We can't remember the last time they were in town for a whole weekend! Probably not since we were bitty babies. They've come to visit for the night a few times, but when it's a whole weekend it's really fun. When they first got to town, I made sure to do some good reading and playing with Gramma,

and then I made sure to sit on Pops.

He really likes it when I do that. Want to know something really awesome about when Gramma and Pops come to visit? They usually bring us treats! Like this time, they brought us these awesome Halloween marshmallow suckers.

They made an excellent breakfast. Then, while Mom, Dad, Gramma, Pops and Mr. Ben and Mrs. Emily were at the game, we did some painting with Liz.

We liked it a bit better this time. And then today, before Gramma and Pops went home, we got to go to Oak Ridge for brunch. It was so super delicious! We got chocolate chip pancakes, and eggies, and friut and challah french toast and regular toast...

we could've eaten for days! It was a pretty good weekend, and we can't wait for next year in Lincoln! GO BIG RED!

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