Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A Fort-less Christmas in Scottsdale

Me and Coopy, we got to spend the long Christmas weekend in Scottsdale with Mommy and Daddy and Gramma Betti and Pops and Uncle Evan and Aunt Amy and we had so much fun! We weren't there for all that long, but I think we did a pretty good job of packing a lot into a little bit of time. We were really good on the airplane...both times! Hardly anyone even noticed we were there! Once we got to Gramma and Pops', we made sure to do lots of playing and showing off since it had been almost a whole year since we were last there. We got to go to the bark park and play with all the puppies. It was way more fun than last year because we got to walk and crawl around.

Coopy got a little cranky toward the end though, so Pops was sure to pick him up for some snuggles.

Then, while Coopy played with Aunt Amy, me Ella, I got to climb all over the chairs! It was so much fun!

I never get to play on the furniture at home! We also got some good snuggles from Gramma, but Coopy thought making "cheese" faces at the camera was more fun.

Then, on Christmas Eve, Pops became Santa! We know we're Jewish, and that we don't get presents from Santa, but it was still pretty exciting that he's our pops.

To be fair, I was more impressed than Coop.

We learned a new favorite game while we were gone too...it's called blocks! Daddy would build a huge tower, and we'd knock it over! It was awesome!

We kept Daddy so busy playing blocks, we didn't have any time to build our Christmas Day fort. We did have time to eat lots of yummy meals and snacks, though.

Want to know the only "un-fun" thing about our whole weekend??

Getting stuck in my high chair.

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